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28/02/2021 evivrus logo

hey ya i made a new logo 4 my music shit haha

this time, instead of evi [or any other mascot i may have had in the past], its just me! a shitty drawin of me yaa :-)

not entirely sure how i feel about it but yahaha it exists and thats all that matters i suppose

HERE IT IS ! use ur magic seeing powers 2 peepylook at this fucjkin idoit

idk what 2 say actually so lolbye

08/02/2021 first post

not much is really happening today but since i'm making this blog page i thought id make a post (cause it would look really sad & empty without a starting post)

thinking of adding a kinlist to this site since i think it would look pretty nice with the whole aesthetic of this site, but maybe not since the characters i kin are from cartoons and animes (and the styles may not look great with the aesthetic)... so, perhaps i could do edits of the images so that they fit in with the aesthetic. not really sure what to say except coding is pretty fun, even if i'm not great at it. i'm actually pretty proud of the way the site looks, i like the vintage cats along with the webcore-ish style. anyways, thats it for the first post :) thank u